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How to run a Worldwide Womb Blessing Group

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A short guide by Advanced Moon Mother and German Co-ordinator HeliA, with additional materials on Red Tents from Advanced Moon Mother Belinda García Reyes.

In this article I would love to share some of our experiences and show how much fun it is, and how easy it is, to run a Worldwide Womb Blessing group.

Why do we need space for the feminine?

In this world of constant demands on our energies and of the constant need to fulfill goals and meet expectations, we need safe, warm islands, where we can rest, recharge, and return to ourselves. The Worldwide Womb Blessing, founded by the wonderful Miranda Gray, is one of these beautiful islands, which reminds us – through the awakening of our feminine energies – of the beauty and creative power of our femininity.

Who can run a group? Maybe ME? Yes, every woman, from her first menstruation onwards, can run a group. Moon Mothers can help to support you in your group, and they also bring an extra gift to the group by being there. Through their initiation with Miranda, the vibration of the Blessing energy within their bodies acts as a catalyst for the energy, bringing deeper experiences and more energy to your group.

Would you like some support, or do you have any questions? Speak to one of our Moon Mothers or invite her into your group – we love to help:

Womb Blessing group in Argentina, December 2015

Let´s get practical…

1. Who do you want to invite? You can build up a small and intimate group or a public one as large as possible. You can create a group only for women, or a mixed one with men.

Write some heartfelt words about what you are offering along with some basic information: place, time, contact and what to bring. Create a Facebook event, post on Twitter, share it on your website, write emails or a lovely classical letter, make some flyers, share posters or pick up the phone to say “welcome!”

2. Where will you run your group? According to the size of your group, your cosy living room, your Red Tent, your practice rooms, a rented room, a park, a forest clearing or a special sacred site can become the venue for your Worldwide Womb Blessing group.

3. Take enough time to make sure that all your preparations create a beautiful space and event. You can easily create a beautiful atmosphere with lovely cloths, flowers, candles, symbols for the season and images of the seasonal archetype.

4. For every Worldwide Womb Blessing – Women will need to bring a shawl to wear, 2 Womb Blessing bowls, 1 tea light candle, drinking water, something nice to eat to share to help them ground at the end of the event.

Ask them to bring yoga mats, blankets and extra cushions, to share.

Read the meditation texts in advance – you will receive a link to the download page after your registration to the worldwide Womb Blessing. You will need the Womb Blessing Meditation, the Sharing Meditation, the Moon Ray Meditation, and the Archetype Meditation.

5. Get creative!

  • Create a music play list with something relaxing, soft and heart touching.
  • Create an altar – make it simple (a vase of flowers and a candle), or creative, with lots of images and statues representing the Divine Feminine. Put it in the middle of the circle of sitting women, or somewhere special in the room. Use the altar to give thanks for the gift of the Womb Blessing and for women to charge pictures, statues, flowers, jewellery or other personal items with the energy of the event.
  • Meet together in advance to create Womb Blessing bowls, items for the archetype meditations, decorations, cook some food together that symbolizes the moon: white food, round food, red food, white and dark chocolate! Create a mandala together for the centre of the circle with flowers, petals colored petals, stones…
  • Celebrate – ask women in advance if they would like to share an appropriate poem, song or prayer, or if they would like to teach a chant, or a dance or a ritual. Invite the women to dress in the colours they associate with the Moon’s phases or the season, or like the Goddess they feel within them.
  • Share – ask women to share something about the item they brought for the altar.

6. To close the group it can be wonderful to create a circle and come closer and closer together until everybody can feel the hips of the women next to her. You can say something like:

Can you feel your hips supporting each other? Wherever your hips and womb centres take you around the world, you will find other women with hips and womb centres. So you never walk alone, there will always be sisters.’

Then share food in a beautiful celebration meal, and women can continue to share their experiences with each other informally.

How can men be involved?

Men are welcome in the worldwide events. They cannot receive the Womb Blessing themselves, but there are additional meditations for men in the download area.

Picture from Advanced Moon Mother Veronica Yoki Watanabe from Mexico

What about young girls?

Young girls cannot receive the Womb Blessing until after they have had their first menstruation. You can involve the girls in a range of other activities, such as decorating the room or making food, but during the meditations themselves they need to be in a separate space, enjoying specific activities created for them.

You can celebrate a girl‘s first menstruation with her first group Worldwide Womb Blessing. Have the group make cards and gifts for her, and have a special meal after the meditations to welcome her into her womanhood.

Useful tips!

Remind everyone taking part that they each need to register at the group’s chosen time to receive the Blessing.

Remember to share your group details:

With your Country Co-ordinator – Let your Country Co-ordinator know about your group so that she can help to publicise it. You can contact her via email:

On Facebook – Look for the official Facebook page for your country:


Advanced Moon Mother HeliA Paula Kleinhans is a naturopath and Lifedancing teacher in Frankfurt, Germany. She loves to paint and to explore the feminine rhythms. She runs Worldwide Womb Blessing groups, and is the organizer for Workshops with Miranda in Germany.Österreich-deutschsprachige-Schweiz-344246779090440/?fref=ts


The Worldwide Womb Blessing and Red Tents

The Womb Blessing goes beautifully hand in hand with a Red Tent. This is because both celebrate womanhood, the sacredness of our womb and the natural earth cycles as well as the moon cycles. So why not celebrate the Womb Blessing inside a beautiful womb-like space such as a Red Tent?

Picture from Belinda Garcia, www.belinda-garcia.comRed Tents can be created by any woman, just as any woman can run a Worldwide Womb Blessing event. You don’t need any special skills – just the right amount of enthusiasm and desire to help women by creating a wonderful space where women can slow down, nurture, rest, meditate and celebrate their unique feminine beauty.

All you need to do is to gather some red cloth and set up a tent, either in your own living room or in a rented space, depending on how big or small you want your event to be. You could ask women in your community or friends to dress in red and to help you set up the space and contribute with beautiful objects to decorate it.

If you would like to find out more about Red Tents or the Womb Blessing, why not visit my website!

Advanced Moon Mother Belinda García Reyes lives in London, England, and works both in the UK and in Mexico.

This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-pt es