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On the 27th of December


Meet your Moon Mother Sisters
under the Womb Tree and
reconnect with your moonlit path.



What is the 2023 online international Moon Mother Gathering?

Imagine a circle of Moon Mothers standing on the roots beneath the sheltering branches of the Universal Womb Tree. Above them, a beautiful Full Moon bathes these wonderful women in her soft, nurturing light. With hands joined, the Moon Mothers radiate a warm, gentle glow, spreading love, serenity, passion, and joy.


Each Moon Mother walks the Moonlit path of the Sacred Feminine, bringing her healing touch and awakening presence into the lives of those around her. In this sacred circle we all glow with the light of the Sacred Feminine, and in her gentle light we shine as ONE.

The Moon Mother Gathering is an online meeting of kindred spirits, under the silver-white light of the Full Moon, in a virtual temple dedicated to the Sacred Feminine. We meet to receive her Blessing for our unique Moonlit journey and awakening, to share her Love and Light with our global Circle of Sisters, and to feel the threads of sisterhood that weave our tapestry of belonging. We are all beautiful threads in this intricate design. Of course, we also come together to exchange our stories, sharing the joys of being Moon Mothers.

I hope that you will join us if you can on the 27th December. This event is a beautiful dream of mine, and I am filled with excited anticipation. It will be a delight to be with you, sharing the Blessing and feeling our beautiful connection

With all my love and warm hugs, and in Purity and Grace,

Miranda xx​

Online Moon Mother Gathering & Womb Blessing

What you need to know now

How many places will there be available to book?

We have decided on 300 places. This sounds a lot, but when you know that there are over 7,600 Moon Mothers in the world, it’s only a ‘small’ gathering!

We hope that what we learn from the first event will empower us to offer more spaces in a future event!

When can I book?!

Booking will open at 09.00 (UK time) 1st December.

It will close once all 300 places have been booked or, if the spaces have not all been filled, booking will close at 9:00 am (UK time) 19th December.

Put a note in your calendar, schedule, or diary to make sure that you do not miss booking your place!

Questions on taking part

How long will the event take?

We recommend putting aside 2 hours for the event. The energies will be strong, so we suggest having quiet time afterwards to rest and integrate the Blessing energy. And of course, have something nice to eat and drink to celebrate!

Timing for each event still needs to be finalised, but meditation in the Temple will begin at 20.00 UK time.

Admittance will be open approximately an hour or more before this time, and then there will be the preparation time and the Circle of Sisters meditation.

You will be sent your admittance time in advance.

Once admittance is closed, you will not be able to enter late.

Is The Gathering in my language?

For this first Gathering we will be hosting 6 languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and German. To manage this, we are trying something new and exciting!

Our dream is that we will be able to add further languages for future events.

Is attending free?

We are asking for the small amount of 10 USD – or equivalent in your own currency – payable at booking, as a donation to help cover the technical and organisational expenses of running The Gathering. You can always donate more if you wish.

About the Gathering

The Moon Mother Womb Blessing

The Blessing given during The Gathering is specific for Moon Mothers, to ignite and build the light of the Divine Feminine within them so that it may shine into the world, guiding our paths and deepening our awareness of the presence of the Divine Feminine within us. The Blessing is a ‘coming home’, reminding us of the power and beauty of our female energies, providing us with a sanctuary in which we can let go of our resistance, and clearing our worries so that we see our path ahead with clarity and joy.

Each Moon Mother will receive a Blessing that is in harmony with her level of Moon Mother training, personal to her, and in alignment with her own energies.

Who is The Gathering for?

We are welcoming with open hearts all Moon Mothers from all levels to hold hands with us under the Full Moon and in our sacred space. You can still attend if you are pregnant, or if you do not have a menstrual cycle for any reason.

For women who became a Moon Mother many years ago and who have not been active, you are very welcome – and we hope that The Gathering will re-ignite your connection to the Divine Mother’s Love and Light, and bring her passion, healing, and joy into your life.

We hope that The Gathering will bring a feeling of unity to everyone – that we are all women who walk a path of understanding their female energies, who wish to live a more female-focused life, and who are discovering female spirituality. And this will create a feeling of confidence and empowerment to live and share our Moon Mother path in positive and creative ways with other women.

Who is organising The Gathering?

The Gathering is created, organised, and run by a large number of volunteer Moon Mothers of all levels of training, alongside Miranda.

This is the FIRST online international Gathering of Moon Mothers with Miranda, and we are inviting 300 Moon Mothers worldwide to join us! It’s the first time for us to use multiple translators, the first time to bring together so many women in a Zoom meeting, and the first time Miranda has given a Blessing specifically for Moon Mothers in a live event.

We are trying to make everything run as smoothly as possible, automating as much as possible, and hopefully making the technology easy and friendly to use.

This is all new to us, so we ask that you please be patient with us – we are not professionals, but rather we are priestesses with a heartfelt calling to bring Moon Mothers together in this beautiful event.

What will happen in The Gathering?

The sanctuary: Preparation

We will start with everyone entering a Sanctuary where facilitating Moon Mother priestesses will gently guide you, in your chosen language, in setting up Zoom so that you can hear the translator, and she will tell you what to expect. She’ll also remind you of the things that you are going to need.

The Temple: Meditation and Blessing

Miranda will lead you in a meditation in English that will be translated on each language channel so that you can hear it in your preferred language. Miranda will also have PowerPoint slides on-screen with the text in all the languages, so if you can’t hear well, you can still read the text.

Miranda will give everyone the Moon Mother Blessing, and then guide you in a sharing of the Mother’s Love and Light with all Moon Mothers around the world.

The sanctuary: Celebration

You will then enter your language-specific Sanctuary again, and your Priestesses will hold space for you to share your experiences and help you to build new connections with your sisters.


What equipment will I need to attend?

We have a separate preparation document called ‘The Gathering – how to take part’ that will outline everything that you will need, how to book, and what to expect.