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1. Technical and Zoom information

What technical equipment do I need?

We will be running The Gathering in a Zoom meeting room.

To take part, you will need to use a computer, because Zoom on a mobile phone does not support translation into multiple languages. You can use a PC or a Mac.

You will need a computer with a camera, and you will need earbuds / headphones with a microphone.

You will also need a good internet connection. A cable to your router will give you a better connection for your computer to manage the sound and video.

Please test your equipment before the event.

How do I get help with booking and registration?

We have a list of Frequently Asked Questions automatically available from: email address. If you require more help, this document also contains contact details.

How do I get help with admittance into the Zoom room?

If you have problems entering the Zoom room, we have an email for support. But please be patient and please understand that there may only be 2 Host-priestesses answering email questions and they may need to use translation software to read and answer your questions.

Admittance help: admittancehelp…..

What happens if my connection breaks during the event?

Use your admittance link to reconnect to the Zoom meeting room, and a Host-priestess will let you in. Please be patient.

If your connection breaks during the Meditation and Blessing with Miranda, you will still receive your Blessing.


How should I prepare my Zoom?

Thank you for asking!

Please turn off any Zoom backgrounds or avatars.

Please, no profile pictures that are adverts. You may like to use the Womb Tree image, or an image of the Full Moon.

Please keep your video on throughout the event so that we can see that you are present.

Please keep your microphone off until the Sanctuary sharing.

Event technical etiquette

Please keep still in front of the camera so that you don’t disturb others.

If you need to go to the toilet or leave for any reason, please turn off your video before you move and open it again once you have returned.

2. Moon Mother and energy information

Creating your sacred space for the event

An Altar: Miranda asks everyone to make a little altar if they can, something that represents the presence of the Divine Mother. Perhaps have some flowers, a printout of the Womb Tree image (from the level 1 Login area), some images and objects that represent the Full Moon Mother. Be as creative as you wish!
You may like to have your Mother Bowl on your altar.

Womb Bowls: You will need two Womb Bowls, one for drinking water and one for a tealight candle – it may be a battery candle or a representation of fire if you don’t wish to use a tealight or if it is unsafe to do so. If you have a lit candle, makes sure that it is in a safe space away from anything flammable. Also make sure that your womb bowls are fireproof and safe to drink from.
If you are a Level 2 or Level 3 Moon Mother, set the energies of your space. If it’s a long time since you took these levels, there is a new technique for setting the energies and it’s outlined in the updated Level 2 Manual #1. You can contact the Weaver Circle if you wish to have an updated manual – there is a donation to the Worldwide Womb blessing in exchange.
A calm place: if you can, make sure that you are alone in your space, and that it is as quiet as possible. So not pets or children.

Dress code

Please wear:

Something white. You are going to be in a sacred space, connected to all the Moon Mothers taking part, in a sacred ceremony. And all Moon mothers are priestesses for the Divine Mother, so please acknowledge this in the way you dress for the event.

Your Moon Mother shawl – white represents moonlight, red represents Level 2, and gold represents Level 3. Make sure your shawl is big enough to go over your head and shoulders.

Your Moon Mother bracelet. If you have a Moon Mother bracelet, please wear it. If you do not have a Level 1, 2, or 3 Moon Mother bracelet, and wish to buy one, there is a list of suppliers at the end of this document.


For the Circle of Sisters meditation, you may sit on the floor if you wish.

For the meditation and Blessing in the Temple, you will need to sit on an upright chair with your feet on the floor or on a cushion, with your hands on your thighs.


As well as

an altar,
your Womb Bowls,
candle (or representation of fire),
your Moon Mother shawl,
Moon Mother bracelet/s,
upright chair (and a cushion for your feet if you need it),

you will need

water and a nice snack for the Sanctuary sharing,
items for the Circle of Sisters meditation.

About The Circle of Sisters meditation:

‘The Circle of Sisters’ meditation uses a Prayer Cord – a cord tied with strips of fabric or ribbon – with each one representing:

  • a prayer for the circle of women around the world,
  • a prayer for our sisters in the Womb Blessing family,
  • a prayer for ourselves.

The ends of the cord are tied together to make a circle, representing the worldwide circle of sisters. You can then use your prayer-cord to decorate an altar or a sacred space.

The Prayer Cord represents the circle of the path of the stars, the circle of all life, the circle of the Moon, and the circle of women.

If you already have an existing Prayer Cord from the Worldwide Womb Blessings, please have it with you.

If you have not participated in the Circle of Sisters meditation before, you will need:

  • a piece of cord or string about 1m long. The cord can be any colour you wish.
  • 3 ribbons or strips of fabric – about 30-50 cm long – representing your prayers to tie to your Prayer Cord during the Circle of Sisters meditation. Choose colours or patterns that call to your heart.
  • a cloth to wrap your Prayer Cord in after the meditation.


It doesn’t matter where we are physically for The Gathering, we will all be connected through the womb-to-womb network under the Universal Womb Tree, bathed in moonlight and in the presence of the Divine Feminine.

Please respect that you are inviting her presence into your space, so welcome her with reverence. And throughout The Gathering she will be with you, so please do everything with awareness and gratitude and love, and in harmony with your role as her Moon Mother.

Please also respect the organisation, hosting and facilitating Priestesses. They are giving you a beautiful gift of this Gathering, so please respect the amount of time and energy they have put in to manifesting and making it a beautiful experience for you. These are special women with a deep heartfelt calling to help you on your Moonlit path. Please don’t share your clearing with them.