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Empower your female energies and live in harmony with them

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Miranda Gray’s Womb Blessing and Women’s Spirituality Newsletter

Newsletter September 2014


Empower your female energies and live in harmony with them

Awaken your feminine strength, creativity, sexuality and spirituality, and begin to feel beautiful and strong every day by joining us in the next Worldwide Womb Blessing on the 8th October 2014.



Newsletter September 2014

Welcome sister to living and loving your female energies!

The Divine Feminine gives us an amazing gift in each Womb Blessing. She awakens aspects of our female energies with which we have lost contact due to the stresses and pressures of modern life. She returns to us the energies and wisdom that are our authentic nature and which our ancestors would have known and welcomed.

To stay connected to these new aspects we need to welcome them and dance their energies in our everyday life between Womb Blessings. We need to live our cyclic nature, either through our physical cycles or through the cycles of the Moon. And when we express our cyclic energies we feel good and realise the secret that lies in the cycles of the Universe – that we are reborn each month! We are like the Phoenix who fully lives her cycle, knowing that, from ashes, she will be re-born brighter and more empowered.

The key is to be aware about what happens in different phases of our cycle and to love and live the positive energies in each phase.

Awaken your new gifts and start dancing your path!

> Register now for the 8th October Worldwide Womb Blessing

> Living your cyclic nature between Womb Blessings


A Message from Miranda:

“I have recently been involved in the development of a wonderful new free phone app called ‘The Flow’ that empowers women to track their cycles, enabling them to discover and live their cyclic nature.

The Flow Mobile phone app

I was delighted to be asked by app developer, Lucia Lukanova, to write information and tips specifically  for the app about living, loving and working in harmony with the cycle’s phase energies and abilities. My heartfelt hope is that “The Flow” will help many women to discover the beauty and power of their own unique cyclic dance and to live between the Womb Blessings in a way that makes the gifts of the Blessing part of all aspects of their lives, bringing well-being, love, fulfilment and happiness.

> Discover more about this App.

> Dance with The Flow by downloading the new free app for iOS.

The Android version will be available on the 21st of September! In the meantime, leave us your email to receive an update about the Android version as soon as it is available, by clicking here.

Women without a cycle can input the lunar cycle into The Flow and read the corresponding tips to help them live in harmony with the lunar phases.



Womb Blessing October meditations: welcoming the Crone and Mother.

Witnessing Spirit by Christina SmithToday in the Northern hemisphere the Enchantress walks the land, her cloak of darkness increasing as the shadows lengthen. In October she will reach the centre of the labyrinth and sit as the Crone in the calm darkness of winter, in the Dark Moon and in the peace of menstruation. The Crone is not to be feared; she is the Mother of Souls, from whose cauldron of life all souls are reborn. Her womb is the womb of all, filled with stars, with stillness, and with the mystery we embody at menstruation.

For the 8th October Worldwide Womb Blessing we connect to our female ancestors who link from womb to womb back into the distant past to bring healing, to offer gratitude and to validate the power and beauty we share with our mother ancestors.

In the Southern hemisphere the Spring Maiden turns into the Summer Mother embracing the fullness of her sexual power and beauty. Embrace your own beautiful sexual energies with the Accepting our Sexuality meditation after your Womb Blessing.

You can download all additional meditations from the link provided after registration.

Illustration: ©2014 Christina Smith –


The Womb Blessing online

Women in many countries have created their own websites, Facebook pages and blogs to support the work of the Womb Blessing. We are aiming to create a list with as many of these listed as possible.

If your favourite online source isn’t on the list, please send the link to Womb Blessing website editor Veronica at


Meet the women behind the Womb Blessing

Belinda Garcia ReyesMeet the wonderful Belinda Garcia Reyes, Moon Mother Administrator for Mexico who was involved in the very beginning of the Womb Blessing.

Belinda shares with us how the Womb Blessing community is growing throughout Mexico and her passion for the Womb Blessing:

“It has been a wonderful experience seeing the Womb Blessing grow since the very beginning in 2012, I can’t believe 2014 is close to an end and Miranda Gray will be back in Mexico next year for the 4th time!

My role in the Womb Blessing Family has always been to support the growth of the movement since it started, like coordinating the creation and development on the NING community. At the beginning I was the main point of contact for the UK, however I relocated back to my home country at the beginning of 2013 and therefore I became the Country Administrator for Mexico.

As a Country Administrator, it is my job to actively promote the Womb Blessing and look after 150 Moon Mothers. This has been a great opportunity since I have been able to meet so many talented women. Everyday we have more and more women interested in the Womb Blessing and this is also because we have a wonderful group of Moon Mothers who are actively spreading the word and creating groups at each Worldwide Womb Blessing.

Mexico has a good level of acceptance and interest for the re-awakening of the feminine. Mexican women are eager to find the type spirituality that no longer limits who they are but one that gives them true meaning to their daily lives. Some women have found this in the Womb Blessing and so the word keeps spreading more and more.

In July this year, I organized the 1st Moon Mother Council in Mexico with the purpose of Moon Mothers coming closer, finding new ways of spreading the word about what we’re doing and share other talents and medicine with eachother. It was a beautiful two day event in the woods and Moon Mothers from different parts of the country came.

As the Womb Blessing in Mexico keeps growing and the number of Moon Mothers is expected to increase by 2015, I have set up a team of women who help me with all the admnistrative tasks I have as a Country Administrator. I have also created a website exclusively for the Womb Blessing in Mexico where we share all sorts of news related to the Womb Blessing, Miranda Gray, worldwide events and coming up workshops. The website is a platform where we are also giving voice to people who have experienced the energy. Our website and our official Facebook page are places where we encourage women to interact with us and see it is not just me behind the Womb Blessing in Mexico but a large group of women spread across the whole country.

My dream would be that women from every corner of Mexico hears the call of the Divine Feminine in their heart and womb and comes to the next Womb Blessing workshops in 2015 as together we can change the vibration of our nation into a more positive one, we know we urgently need this!

I am ever so grateful for the beautiful opportunity the Womb Blessing gives me every day. It has helped me deepening my connection with myself and my own spirituality, it has gifted me with beautiful friendships around the globe but specially it has created a wonderful connection with my mother, who is also an advanced Moon Mother. Who would’ve thought talking to Miranda so many years ago about a Red Moon workshop in London would end up in such a huge thing!

I invite you to visit the official Womb Blessing Mexican website and our Facebook page and join the Womb Blessing NING community where loads of women are looking to interact with women around the globe!

You can also contact me at or through my website

Purity & Grace to One and All

Belinda x”


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Miranda Gray’s Workshops:

Buenos Aires
15-19 Nov. 2014

Womb Blessing and Advanced Womb Blessing workshops.
Contact: Sandra

26-28 Sept. 2014

Red Moon and
Womb Blessing Workshops.
Contact: Hildegard Kirchweger

BRAZIL: Belo Horizonte
and São Paulo
18-26 Oct. 2014

Red Moon and
Womb Blessing workshops.
Contact: Larissa

CHILE: Santiago
22-25 Nov. 2014

Red Moon and
Womb Blessing workshops.
Contact: Cote and team

> Full list of workshops for 2014/2015


image-oct2014_2A special thank you to the artist Christina Smith who has contributed her inspiration and her magical talent to the Womb Blessing family by illustrating our Newsletters with her art and by creating this artwork “Sacred Womb” especially for the next worldwide Womb Blessing. We can feel in this image a deep, intimate and quiet connection to our Womb Tree and to our authentic Femininity.

For more information about Christina and her artwork,
> click here.



Huge thanks to all the volunteer translators for this newsletter: Catalina Boncilica, Mercè Cando Soler, Hadda Djeribi, Vanessa Franco, Yolanda García, Belinda Garcia Reyes, Aurélie Godineau, Natalie Grimm, Talita Lara, Lucia Lukanova, Isabella Magdala, Veronica Giulia Morosi, Martina Perry, Valeria Trisoglio (Lelaina Leo) and Vanina.

A special thank you to Newsletter Editor Veronica Giulia Morosi