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Embracing the four sexual women within us!

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Within all women are four beautiful and powerful sexual energies.

Copyright Agnes MateuFor women with a menstrual cycle these energies flow through us as we journey around the phases of our cycles, and each phase has a different sexual expression and different sexual desires and needs.

It’s no wonder women are confused about their sexual energies; they have been taught that they are one woman with one type of sexual energy and desire, when in fact they are at least four different women!

And it’s not surprising that men are confused by women’s sexual desires and needs. A sexual approach that leads to great sex one week often doesn’t work the following week. If men knew that they have four women instead of just one they could feel more confident to take a different approach depending on ‘which’ woman they had at the time.

In our menstrual cycle we have four phases which can be represented by four different female archetypes. Archetypes are images and energies that are common to all women regardless of their background, and they can be found in mythology and in stories from all across the world as the Maiden, Mother, Enchantress and Crone. In each menstrual phase we embody the energies of one of these archetypes, including their sexual energies and desires.

So what are your four sexual energies, and how can you release them into the world?!


Your Maiden sexual energies:

During menstruation our sexual energies are renewed, and so we enter a new cycle with growing sexual desire and increasing body confidence. Our sexual energies in this phase are just for pleasure, because an egg has not yet been released, and they are fresh, dynamic, playful and adventurous.

Connect with your Maiden sexual energies:

This is the phase to flirt, to enjoy being ‘girlie’ whatever your age, to have playful sex for no other reason than to have fun!


Your Mother sexual energies:

In our Mother phase our sexual desire can be high because we are at our most fertile. Our sexual energies can however also desire an emotional connection, so sex often needs to include love and caring from our partner in order for us to feel satisfied.

Connect with your Mother sexual energies:

This is the phase of romance, of spending time talking from your heart before having sex, and of showing your deep love for your partner through the sensuality of your body.


Your Enchantress sexual energies:

The Enchantress sexual energies can often be the most difficult to understand. Our sexual energies can appear dynamic, uninhibited and erotic, or we may feel that we need comforting sex and love. Knowing that we can have two different sexual needs in this phase enables us to share our sexual energies with our partner without misunderstanding.

Connect with your Enchantress sexual energies:

Enjoy the uninhibited and erotic side to your sexuality when it appears – dress more sexily, or meet your partner’s fantasies! But also enjoy emotionally comforting sex, sex that shows you that you are still desirable even when you don’t feel erotic.


Your Crone sexual energies:

At menstruation our physical energies are low, and many women do not feel any sexual desire in this phase. But our sexual energies are still there; they have simply changed into a more sensual and spiritual orientation. Sex can become a merging of souls with your partner, a prayer, and an experience of oneness with the universe.

Connect with your Crone sexual energies:

Ask for a sensual massage in this phase – it may lead to gentle sex where your partner does the physical work, or it may lead to sleep! So warn your partner.


Menopausal women and the four sexual energies

In menopause we have the opportunity to express the full and unrestricted sensual sexuality that lies within us. Freed from having children, our sensual, creative, sexual energies are for our own pleasure and for our spiritual growth and personal development.

In our menopausal journey towards becoming ‘Complete women’ – where all four female archetypal energies are balanced within us and merged together – our four sexual energies come into our lives so that all aspects can be accepted, embraced and expressed. If we have not had the opportunity to accept or release aspects of our sexual energies while we are cyclic then they automatically surface in our body and nature to be experienced.

If we don’t understand the archetypal sexual energies, this can be a confusing time and can make us feel out of control. We may experience two months of Enchantress sexual energies, or we may feel all four energies in one day! So it is important that we recognise the sexual archetypes as they appear and find ways to welcome, love and live their energies with elegance.

Our sexual energies are part of our sacred nature and in menopause our sexual nature becomes more sensual and more centred in our being. It does not matter if we have a partner or not, we are beautiful, sensual, sexual, and empowered in our expression of our female nature in this amazing stage of our lives.”

This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-pt es