Moon Mothers – Change of Details Request

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Please ONLY use this form to inform us of any changes to your details in the Authorized Moon Mothers List.

For any other queries please contact the Moon Weaver Circle, or using the Moon Mothers Facebook groups.

Important Instructions
  • Please carefully check your details as they currently appear before filling in the form.
  • In the top grey half of the form, fill in your details as they appear now, including the email address that is currently on the list. It is very important that you enter this email address correctly exactly as it appears on the current list so that we can locate your listing.
  • In the bottom pink half of the form, fill in your new details as you wish them to appear on the list from now on. Make sure that your name, region, town, postal code and email address are entered exactly as you wish them to appear in the listing.
  • If there are other changes or additional comments, enter these in the ‘Comments’ box. It is also helpful if you can confirm in this box exactly what has changed – e.g. ‘New email address and location’ etc.