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Celebrate who you are and share your love worldwide!

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Miranda Gray’s Womb Blessing and Women’s Spirituality Newsletter

Artwork by Gaia Orion


Celebrate who you are and share your love worldwide!

Open to who you are and love and share the beautiful, creative, sexy and spiritual woman inside. Join us in awakening and celebrating our femininity in the distant Worldwide Womb Blessing on the 6th December 2014.



Newsletter November 2014

Dancing Wild by Gaia OrionWelcome sister to being happy with who you are – a wonderful woman!

The December Womb Blessing is always special; it not only brings women together for the Blessing – awakening the joy, freedom and acceptance of who we truly are – but it also joins women in both the northern and southern hemispheres in the same additional meditation, ‘The Circle of Sisters’.

In ‘The Circle of Sisters’ meditation we connect to the sisterhood of women around the world through a ‘prayer cord’ to ask that we grow together in our awareness of our female energies and in supporting each other. You can download all the additional meditations from the link provided after registration.

The December Womb Blessing also offers us an oasis of peace, restoration and reconnection to our femininity in the turmoil of Christmas preparations. When we take a few moments to accept our female nature and our female spirituality we release our power, and then the challenges of this stressful season are met with strength, love and joy.

Don’t worry, be happy!

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Priestess by Gaia Orion



A Message from Miranda:

“As we come closer to the winter solstice we start to leave the year of the Enchantress. We have danced the energies of the Maiden year, opened to the abundance of the Mother year and we have now survived the storm and challenges of the Enchantress year.

At the solstice the Womb Blessing family enters the Crone year energies – a time of stillness and gentleness, of inner knowing and soul guidance, of self-acceptance and love. The Crone’s energies are the energies of the winter, the Dark Moon, our menstrual phase and the low tide. It is a time to reflect, to observe, to let go and to flow. Look out for my second Worldwide Womb Blessing email with a First Woman story about the Crone.

> Prepare for Christmas in tune with your cyclic energies.

> Christmas cycle planner.

With Christmas coming up I thought it would be fun to share some tips about managing Christmas while living in tune with your female energies and cycle.

To help, I have also written new tips about managing Christmas for The Flow mobile phone app to help you live more in harmony with your cycle.”

The Flow at Christmas


> Find out more about The Flow!



Pre-menstrual for Christmas? There is help!

The Disney animation “Frozen” is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen“, a retelling of an old folk tale, and is a lot of fun. But beneath the modern interpretation the secret oral wisdom of the original story still shines through.

Watch the movie, sing the songscan you recognise the secret to pre-menstrual survival? Then read the article for the full exposé.



Meet the women behind the Womb Blessing

Vanessa CastroMeet the wonderful Vanessa Castro, Moon Mother Co-ordinator for Costa Rica and USA.

She shares with us about her passion for the Womb Blessing and the upcoming events Miranda will be offering in Costa Rica and the USA.

“I am Vanessa, I love spiders, the color purple, nature and adventures. I’ve been traveling around beautiful Mamma Earth for the last 3 years visiting with wisdom keepers and learning about the ancient traditions in all four corners of the globe. Through this journey I discovered Miranda´s work and it´s a true joy to now be the Womb Blessings co-ordinator for Costa Rica and the USA.

In both countries the Womb Blessing movement is growing steadily and more women, and also men, are getting interested to know more and getting involved.

Interested in a trip to Costa Rica? 🙂

I am organizing Miranda’s workshops there next year and I am very excited to have more Costarican Moon Mothers join the Womb Blessing family and to help to anchor the energy in the pura vida land. Although we are only 2 Moon Mothers in Costa Rica, some women have feel called to organize groups to participate in the Worldwide Womb Blessing. I am very grateful for that. All of them are looking forward for her visit!

Miranda will be doing a Red Moon workshop on February 6th and Moon Mothers training (Womb Blessing) on February 7th and 8th.

This is the first time that Miranda is coming to Central America and I hope that many women from other Central American countries come to take the Moon Mother training to offer this beautiful service to women in their country as well. All Countries welcome 🙂

Thinking of visiting the USA? 🙂

Miranda came for first time to USA this year and 23 beautiful women became Moon Mothers, at the moment there are MM on the states of: Oregon, California, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Florida and Texas. In the US each state has a Womb Blessing Admin team and also there are local representatives within the states.

I am so happy to announce that there will be more MM next year 🙂 as Miranda will be back in 2015 and will be teaching in:

New York (30 MAY- 1 JUN)

San Francisco,CA (10-12 JUL)

Austin, TX (30 OCT- 1 NOV)

Each workshop has a different organizer so for more information please visit

Ladies in USA please spread the word!

What I like the most about the Womb Blessing is that it is not limited by the perception that we as women have of what femininity is, it wakens different aspects to every women that received the energy according to Divine Love and to the Divine highest purpose. As Moon Mothers we are the channel for the energy and the instrument to facilitate the attunement.

For information about Mirandas upcoming visit to Costa Rica in 2015 please visit:

If you have any question or just want to say hi 🙂 you can find me at:

Email: vanessa(at)


(I´m currently giving away 30 EFT sessions… so be sure to grab a spot while you´re on my site. You´ll also find information about upcoming Womb Blessing workshops and sacred journeys.)

Joy and smiles,


Official WB FB pages:

Costa Rica:

United States:



Miranda’s thanks

“I hope that you have enjoyed travelling with me this year as part of the Womb Blessing family.

I have so many women to thank for their love, help, passion and enthusiasm. Without these women the Womb Blessing would not reach and support so many women around the world.

I would like to thank from my heart:

all my organisers around the world, Veronica who edits and produces the newsletters, Shila who is helping with the workshops, all the volunteer Country Co-ordinators and Moon Mother Representatives, the Moon Mothers and Advanced Moon Mothers, the volunteer translators, the women who run worldwide groups, the women who share their photos and stories and everyone who takes part in the worldwide events – just being part of the Blessing increases the awakening and healing available for all women.

I would also like to thank all the men who support the Womb Blessing, and in particular my husband Richard – without his support I could not offer my service to women.

May your Christmas and solstice be full of love and joy and I look forward to walking the Womb Blessing path with you in the year of the Crone.”

Love and hugs
Miranda x

Christmas offers

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The Worldwide Womb Blessing  The Womb Blessing Attunement

The Worldwide Womb Blessing  Miranda Gray



Miranda Gray’s Workshops:

Buenos Aires
15-19 Nov. 2014

Womb Blessing and Advanced Womb Blessing workshops.
Contact: Sandra

CHILE: Santiago
22-25 Nov. 2014

Red Moon and Womb Blessing workshops.
Contact: Cote and team

UK: Bristol
13-14 Dec. 2014

Advanced Womb Blessing workshop
Contact: Heidi

SPAIN: Valencia
19-21 Dec. 2014

Red Moon and Womb Blessing workshop
Contact: Isabella

23-25 Jan. 2015

Red Moon and Womb Blessing workshops.
Contact: Françoise

6-8 Febr. 2015

Red Moon and Womb Blessing workshops.
Contact: Vanessa

> Full list of workshops for 2014/2015


Part of the magic that you can feel in this Newsletter comes from the help of the many volunteers that took part in realizing it. If you have any ideas or suggestions to continue this magic, please send them to Thank you!

Huge thanks to all the volunteer translators for this newsletter: Mercè Cando Soler, Hildegard Kirchweger, Talita Lara, Alexandra Lehmann, Nathalie Malenica, Veronica Giulia Morosi, Ulrike Remlein, Barbara Paganel, Martina Perry, Alessandra Sorrenti, Valeria Trisoglio (Lelaina Leo) and Vanina.

A special thank you to Newsletter Editor Veronica Giulia Morosi

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