Bristol Womb Blessing workshop 11th-12th August

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Moon Mothers

I would like to share with everyone the amazing women who took part in the Womb Blessing workshop this weekend. Although it was held in Bristol in the UK we had women fly in from all over the world to take part. We had women from France, Italy, and Holland. We also had two women who had an incredible passionate heartfelt calling and who flew from Cancun in Mexico and Victoria, Vancouver island in western Canada to do the workshop! Thank you ladies, your presence was inspiring and I am delighted to have new Moon Mothers spreading the energy throughout the world. Other ladies living in the UK also had ‘interesting’ journeys and pre-workshop experiences. It was a powerful weekend for everyone 🙂



I would also like to thank everyone who helped make the Womb Blessing at the weekend such a wonderful event. In particular I’d like to thank Moon Mother Clare Warren who organised the event for her love, help, support and enthusiasm. Also thank you for all the omelettes which I live off while training!

(To show you what happens after a workshop!)

I also had the opportunity to see my first copy of my new book Spiritual Messages at the workshop. Veronica brought one for me to sign! It is so wonderful to hold the book, to see that it is the right size for a handbag or pocket, and to dip into the messages of wisdom and support for each phase. I have wanted a book like this for years and now I have it 🙂 Holding your new book is to see your thoughts in the world and to see all the creative energy and goddess inspiration given physical form.  Thank you to my publisher and editor Dana Šlancarová for her love and help to give it birth. I hope you enjoy using it!