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Are you over-dominant in your Maiden energies? It’s time to bring balance!

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Maiden energies
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Within each of us lie four female archetypes – the Maiden, the Mother, the Enchantress and the Crone. During our menstrual cycle we walk a path of embodying the energies of each of these archetypes as they each express themselves through one of the phases of the cycle. They are the Maiden-time pre-ovulation phase, Mother-time ovulation phase, Enchantress-time pre-ovulation phase and Crone- time menstrual phase.

We also have one or two of the archetypes more dominant in our lives, helping to shape our path and guiding us on our soul purpose. When all aspects of our archetypes are welcomed, embodied, celebrated and expressed with love in the world, then we feel complete within ourselves and we live life as a beautiful, creative and spiritual dance of female energies and wholeness.

The Maiden archetype energies are dynamic, goal-orientated, self-confident, driving, intellectual and direct. She loves success, personal development, achieving things and owning things. Her ego is bright and strong, and she has huge self-belief and sense of self-worth. In the modern masculine world the Maiden archetype is the acceptable view of the feminine – she is the archetype that can compete and achieve the most in this environment. As a consequence, modern culture over-stimulates the Maiden archetype within us, feeding the ego, telling us that we are not enough or not fulfilled unless we do more and have more. And the result is disrupting not just our pre-ovulation phase, but all the archetypes in our cycle – and in response the womb cries out in hurt and painful imbalance.

So how do we recognise that we are over-dominant in the Maiden energies? We see that we are overworking. We are doing things without a sense of completion or fulfilment. We value personal opinion and achievement, often not worrying if it hurts others. We micro-manage. We have so many projects that our energies are scattered, and we lack direction. And we lose touch with our spirituality, our soul and our womb, and listen only to our mind and the fears and lack created by the over-stimulated ego.

Sound familiar?!

In a world that constantly tells us what we need, what we have to fix, what we have to do to feel loved, accepted and complete – how can we balance our Maiden energies? Women are a flow of energy; we cannot look at one archetype in isolation. The Crone-time of menstruation and the Mother-time of ovulation stand either side of the Maiden in our cycles. They both offer the Maiden their guidance, wisdom love and support, and it is by connecting with them that we come back into balance.

Crone and Mother meditation

Enjoy this meditation in your pre-ovulation phase, but also at any time when you feel that the world has taken you over and scattered your energies and you feel far from Home. The Crone and the Mother will call their daughter / granddaughter Home.

Close your eyes.

Feel, know or see that you stand on a white path within a beautiful spring woodland. The trees are full of vibrant sap-green leaves, and spring flowers blossom within the grass.

Either side of you stand the Mother and the Crone. The Crone to your left and the Mother to your right.

The Crone reaches out her hand and holds your left hand. In a soft voice she says:

“Enough, my child; you are enough, you have enough.”

She says “Stay in this moment. Put protection around your thinking mind and bring your awareness into the moment. Be aware of your body and of your womb, and you will bring your consciousness out of your thinking mind and back home to where it belongs.

“The thinking mind is not who you are. It is simply an expression of who you are. Your home is your womb energy centre, and it is from here that you can direct your mind.”

“Trust me,” she says. “Listen to my voice in your deep feelings, and I will guide you.”


The Mother then takes your other hand, and says:

“Child, feel in your heart that you are loved. However you feel, whatever you are doing or have done, you are loved. Achievement will not bring you a feeling of completeness; only love can do this.”

She says “Feel the joy that comes from freedom. Let go of the ‘I have to’ statements. You are my child, free, unrestricted and unlimited to create the new. Be happy and know what you ask me for, I will give.

“It is love that gives you the strength to be who you are.”


Feel the presence of both mothers standing either side of you, enfolding you in their love and support


Take a deep breath.


Open your eyes.

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