An invitation to the Worldwide Womb Blessing October 29th 2012

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You are invited to register for the next Worldwide Womb Blessing in October 🙂

About the October Womb Blessing Attunement

Each Womb Blessing Attunement has had an additional focus to it and for October the energy will be healing the pattern of femininity in our Group Consciousness. It will help us clear the past so we can create a new and truer pattern about the feminine and women. It is so exciting to be part of this new beginning.

There are so many women around the world who are not able to fully accept and express their female energies. We are all beautiful and strong in our femininity, and the way to change how the world views us is to change the Group Consciousness. If enough women hold the energy of the Womb Blessing for other women in the world we will awaken a change that will affect not just our generation but also our daughters’ and our granddaughters’ generations. Our Womb Blessing family is growing every day, and all of us have a role to play in changing the world. I look forward to connecting with everyone on the 29th October 🙂

What is a Womb Blessing ‘Attunement’?

An ‘attunement’ is a process that changes the vibration of the woman receiving it. Everyone can connect to the Divine but an attunement opens our connection and awareness to a particular energy and raises our own energy in tune with it.

The Womb Blessing Attunement raises a woman’s vibration to be in tune with the Divine Feminine and fills her with the loving energy of the Divine Mother, bringing healing specifically to her femininity physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Women can receive as many Womb Blessing Attunements as they wish; every attunement we receive fills us with more Divine Feminine energy so that we resonate more strongly with Her vibration and we clear and heal more of the patterns that block our awareness of and limit our expression of her energy.

A Womb Blessing Attunement is a healing, a connection, an awakening, a therapy,
a spiritual path, a path of self-development
and a celebration and a rite of passge.

I hope you will enjoy the October Womb Blessing Attunement whether it is your first experience or your fourth time of receiving the Blessing!

Love and hugs