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An invitation to take part in the last Worldwide Womb Blessing in 2012

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cal_december2012 has been the most amazing year with women awakening to the Divine Feminine energies across the world. In February we started with 6,029 women in the Womb Blessing family and in October we had grown to 34,500 women! In the Womb Blessing family we have made heartfelt connections, opened deeply to the Divine Feminine, received Her love and healing, and embraced new friendships.
Join us on the 28th December >

The Womb Blessing is not just for 2012 and we have now launched dates for 2013 to continue to help and support all women as they continue to awaken and grow in the energies of the feminine. 2012 has been the start and 2013 will be the flowering of femininity in the World. It is time for the Divine Feminine to be in our lives and for Her loving compassion to change the World :o)

The final Worldwide Womb Blessing on the 28th December is going to be powerful. After the Earth’s energy shift on the 21st December this Blessing will be the first one held in the new energy field of the Earth. We will be connecting to the birth of new energies both in the World and in ourselves, and joined together through the Womb Blessing we will share the love of the Divine Feminine across the Earth.

Join us on the 28th December – we will all be the ‘Earth Doulas’ welcoming the birth of the new energies!

Share this email, create your own informal Worldwide Womb Blessing groups, post everywhere, and let’s welcome the New Year with the largest number of women possible receiving and sharing the Womb Blessing energies around the world :o)

And finally I have been asked by the creator of the ‘Moon Inside You’ video, Diana Fabianová, to share a message from her – you will find it at the bottom of this email.

I am delighted that so many women have answered the call in their hearts to join the Worldwide Womb Blessing and to also become Moon Mothers. We are now a worldwide spiritual movement and there will be new ideas and suggestions for 2013.

Love and hugs

Miranda x