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After Womb Blessing experiences

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It’s now nearly a week since the Womb Blessing, so how are you feeling?!

Whenever we do energy work we go through a process called ‘clearing’. This can occur before the event where our energies are being prepared for the new changes, or after the event, when the new energy starts transforming us. This ‘clearing’ is the process of old patterns, memories, beliefs and emotions, being released because we no longer need them. It also involves energy going into areas of old injuries and finishing incomplete healing from the past, and also detoxing the physical body. Every person’s ‘clearing’ is unique to them but there are many things we can have in common:

  • Suddenly feeling emotional or emotionally over sensitive for no apparent reason as the energy clears out blocked emotion.
  • Old memories coming to mind as the energy helps us to release the past.
  • Negative thoughts appearing as the energy clears old beliefs and limiting thoughts.
  • Aches and pains as the energy goes into areas containing old injuries or current problems.
  • Flu-like symptoms, headaches and spots, due to the energy creating a physical detox (which can be lessened by drinking more water to flush out the symptoms).
  • Tiredness due to the energy making changes and your body having to integrate and process these changes. Rest more and be gentle with yourself.

All these can be experienced before, during and after the Womb Blessing Attunement and are wonderful because they are a sign that the energy is working on us and transforming us! When you feel that you are going through clearing, nurture yourself – eat healthily, drink more water, rest more, and do the self-healing to support you. All is well.

Clearing doesn’t always bring challenging symptoms. For some women they simply feel wonderful, before attunement, during and afterwards! They can feel whole and strong – as if their soul has come home. Perhaps for the first time in their lives they feel free, free of the past expectations and limitations, free of guilt and trauma, and free to accept their femininity as it truly is and not as others expect it to be. Other women can feel deeply spiritual, connected to the Divine Feminine and sense their purpose in life, while others feel energised, alive and full of sexual energy and creativity!

How the energy works on us will vary each time we received the Blessing. Each Blessing will clear a little more of our blocks, bring deeper healing, take us a little further into ourselves, and strengthen our connection and awareness of the Divine Feminine in the everyday world. And in each Blessing we strengthen the group healing of all the women on the day, we bring a little more awareness of the Divine feminine into the world, and we bring her healing energies into the Land beneath our feet and into the hearts of women worldwide. Each one of us has an important role to play in the Blessing!



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This post is also available in: en fr