Womb Blessing® and Moon Mother® Co-ordination Teams

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When the Womb Blessing first started, women around the world began to spontaneously create Worldwide Womb Blessing Groups and Teams to help to share the Womb Blessing and to support Moon Mothers. These Teams became formalised, and are now an amazing network of passionate women and Moon Mothers who want to share the Womb Blessing and to help women to awaken.

When women join together with passion to create a project – something amazing is born!

The role of Co-ordination Teams:

For all women:

  • to hold the Vison and energy of the Womb Blessing for the women of their country
  • to share the invitation of the Worldwide Womb Blessing with as many women as possible
  • to answer questions about how to take part – alone or with others (online, webinars, in person)
  • to create discussions about authentic femininity, about living our awakening and cyclic nature, and sharing our experiences to help each other
  • to help women to find a Moon Mother or a Worldwide Womb Blessing Group
  • to show how ‘giving forward’ creates something greater than we could ever create on our own.
  • to show how many women doing just one small thing can help change the lives of all women

For Moon Mothers:

  • to support and encourage women (online, webinars, in person) in their role as an active Moon Mothers and to grow in the Womb Blessing system
  • to answer country specific questions about being a Moon Mother
  • to help Moon Mothers to run Worldwide Groups and Sharing Groups, and offer opportunities to help in activities and events
  • to create discussions about being a Moon Mother, sharing experiences, exploring our cyclic nature and supporting each other

Find your local Country co-ordination Team.

Types of Co-ordination Team Members

Co-ordination Teams are divided into two types of member: Weaver Members and Spinner Members.

Weaver Members hold the vision and energy for the Womb Blessing for their country. They ‘weave’ together all the talents and abilities of the volunteers and direct their energies into a beautiful pattern of activities and events to support and nurture women. Weavers are always Moon Mothers, but they do not need to be at a specific level.

Spinner Members bring their energy, time, love and passion to help to all aspects of Co-ordination. We encourage Spinners to be of all ages and backgrounds. They do not need to be Moon Mothers – unless they are involved in a Moon Mother-only activity or project.

Spinners include translators, artists, musicians, programmers, social media builders and users, therapists, women who are good at organising or good at building a relationship…

They are all archetypes – women who initiate new projects (Maidens), women who support others (Mothers), women who are creative and inspired (Enchantresses) and women who hold the vision and see the future (Crones).

Spinners are all ages – creating groups and information for different age ranges who have specific interests or ways of communicating. Our youngest Moon Mothers are 18 and our eldest are in their 80s.

In some countries Spinner Members include Area Representatives. these are Moon Mothers who have the same role as Co-ordination but in their local area, and they work closely with the Co-ordination Team. This allows women to create support and use languages that can be specific to the women in their local area.

Co-ordination Teams offer women the opportunity to work together in teams, uniquely acknowledging their phases and cyclic nature and discovering how they can create and manage things in a uniquely female way.

There are no role models – we are all pioneers in this approach, and we adapt and grow and create something new to see if it flows.

If you wish to volunteer for your local Team: Country co-ordination Teams