Moon Mother Teacher – Emy Shamanka

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Emy often describes herself as a bridge between each person and their authentic and deep identity, their sacredness.

Emy has been using dance as a means of self-expression from a very young age and it is following the feedback of her first students dancers “you changed our lives” “I am finally myself thanks to you” … that she became aware of these trasmissions, not only collegiate, but also deeper, more subtle …
You will not be surprised to see Emy dancing with the energies as soon as the opportunity arises, and when it is not possible to dance Emy draws, creates visuals, illuminates words and images as if at the time once the stakes illuminated the sacred texts.

Emy offers women and / or men workshops, circles, retreats … around the world, linking different “techniques” possible to reconnect with their authentic self, the Womb Blessing®, archetypes, the various cycles, the ChakraDance ™ energetic cooking, Yoga, ATS® group synchronized improvisation dance (inspired by tribes from all over the world) and other varied practices … (Reiki, EFT™, Magnetism, Litho and Aromatherapy …)
It was thanks to a dancing friend that Emma discovered Miranda’s first book, “Red Moon”, so everything went very fast.

Indeed, everything Emily did more or less unconsciously found a vocabulary, a translation.

Emy knew early on in her journey of Moon Mother® that she would one day be a teacher, because that path is hers, because that’s her truth and when you find your truth, … you know that you are in the right direction.
Emy offers workshops on archetypes, energy practices and different cycles (Moon, Earth, Female, Life, Daily, Weekly …) in order to allow everyone, each to appropriate their authenticity and optimize their life. every day, their relational life and their spiritual life.

While Emy became a Facilitator of Moon Mother® complementary workshops, she was eager to offer Moon Mother® sessions online once a month so that they could answer their questions, help support, and accompany them in circle, between sisters in their practices.
Following the success of these online circles, Emy realized that this system was very popular especially people who can not join a workshop or a circle in the classroom, also now once a month during the full moon, Emy proposes circles of Worldwide Womb Blessing® online at 1pm (French Time) and other full moons of the year full moon meditation circles at 7:30 pm (French time)
Emy continues her way alongside her sisters to share what makes us feel good to all, awakening female energies as much as possible.
Becoming a teacher for Moon Mother® Level 1 is not a consecration in itself, but a step on this path of sharing the awakening of female energies with the greatest number, it’s a chance to offer to Other things I have received, a chance to meet wonderful people who are walking their truths.

Emy is deeply fulfilled and feels a deep gratitude for this role of teacher, this role of channel, the divine feminine towards us all.