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About the Womb Blessing meditation

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Womb TreeFor each Womb Blessing, we begin by using the Womb Blessing meditation. This meditation enables us to ‘unwrap’ the gift of the Womb Blessing energy that is sent during the Blessing

The Womb Blessing meditation was first published in a shorter form as the Womb Tree meditation in my book ‘Red Moon – Understanding and using the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of the menstrual cycle’, and over the years I have worked with and developed the meditation, resulting in the version we are now using for the Womb Blessing. The meditation is more than just a nice visualisation to relax us; it is a powerful energy activation in its own right, which is why women who aren’t registered for the Blessing energy can still connect to the Divine Feminine through the meditation.

The Worldwide Womb Blessing consists of:

  • activating the energy centres and opening up to the Divine Feminine through the meditation in preparation for the energy
  • receiving the Womb Blessing energy sent by me.

The Moon Mothers who are trained in giving the Blessing also use the Womb Blessing meditation with their clients, and then through a series of hands-on-the-body positions and breaths they pass on the Womb Blessing energy.

The Womb Blessing meditation first activates our Womb Centre and connects it to the Womb of the Earth. So many women are unaware of their womb except when it causes difficulties or pain, and because of this they are disconnected from the Earth. When our Womb Centres are connected to the Earth, energy naturally flows from the Earth to our Womb Centre, revitalizing it.

Try this now!

  • Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your womb or your womb area below your navel.
  • Imagine your Womb Tree lying in your lower belly, and see or know that its roots grow downwards, deep into the earth.
  • Now rest, aware of the Womb Tree and roots, and see how you feel after a minute or two.

This simple exercise can be used whenever you feel that the tensions and stresses of your pre-menstrual phase threaten to overwhelm you. It grounds you deep within the Earth. If you feel ‘heavy’ during the Worldwide Womb Blessing, this can be because of your Womb Tree roots are connecting to the Earth Womb for the first time in your life. Women can also feel very energised and sexy doing this part of the meditation because of the Earth energies restoring the energies of the Womb Centre.

In the Moon Mother training I explore in more depth the meaning of the Womb Blessing meditation and the energy flow and activation that occurs with it. However, it is not necessary to understand how and why the meditation works in order to use it and to receive the benefits! Once you have taken part in your first worldwide Womb Blessing you may like to use the meditation every day. Relax and enjoy the energies!

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This post is also available in: en fr