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A vision for women

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A vision for womenIn societies where women are unaware of their authentic female nature, there are no authentic women to show them how to live and work in a way that is different to that of men.

Behaving and thinking like men may bring material success, or safety and security, but it comes at a high price: guilt, emotional and mental disruptions, and stress and disharmony in the body and its cycles. So many women ache to feel whole, validated for who they are, and to feel confident and strong in their femininity and self-worth.

But it only takes one woman to start living aspects of her authentic nature to begin to change the world.

As more and more women live and work in harmony with their female energies the benefits will become more obvious in their health, in their relationships, in their community and in their work. Authentic women will exhibit surprising skills and abilities. They will be insightful and creative, have wisdom beyond their years, understand intuitively, and live from a centre of peaceful empowerment.

The World is ready for change – and that change will come from women.

The Womb Blessing Vision is to create a legacy for future generations so that our grand-daughters and their daughters grow up in a peaceful global society that acknowledges, teaches, celebrates and benefits from authentic femininity.

So what if…?

What if we had a society that acknowledged the Cyclic Woman? One whose structure allowed women to be true to their cyclic nature?

What if medicine acknowledged the four phases, and tailored surgery and treatment to fit in with the cycle’s energies?

What if there was a real will to understand the cycle and menopause?

What if mental health recognized the importance of adapting life to the four phases?

What if education allowed women and girls to learn in harmony with their cycles?

What if there were a statutory Human Right that ensured recognition, support and education about the cyclic nature of women, and guaranteed the adoption of practices that make optimum use of women’s full cyclic potential.

What if women could work in a collaborative way, where they task shared depending on the phase of their cycle?

What if we built a society where neither sex lives from their fear and survival patterns but lives instead from their authentic nature?

To change the world is a challenge – for many women it is dangerous and can be life-threatening, for others there is the threat that they would lose the worth and ‘equality’ that they have already fought hard to gain.


what if …?


From ‘Female Energy Awakening – The path of the Worldwide Womb Blessing back to Authentic Femininity’ by Miranda Gray

Female Energy Awakening by Miranda Gray

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