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A Message from Miranda

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From Darkness to Light
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What a beautiful and special Blessing Day this February Full Moon.

Thank you to everyone who took part and shared the energy 😊

When I finished in the early hours this morning, the sky was clear, the Full Moon was high in the sky, and the wind whipped through the trees making a roaring sound. It was a wild night! And we have another storm, an even stronger one, arriving today as well.

Before I end each Worldwide Womb Blessing Day, I usually draw an oracle card for guidance for the months ahead. But last night I asked for guidance for the Womb Blessing community for the year ahead. Our community consists of everyone who has received a Womb Blessing, whether in a worldwide event or a personal Womb Blessing.

The card I drew was the journey from darkness to light. In every cycle there is a pause between ending and beginning, a time of darkness and stillness before the light reappears. We sit at the centre of the labyrinth in the darkness without direction or motivation. To get to the centre, we have travelled hard, made mistakes, and become lost, and we carry the scars of the battles we have fought. Exhausted, we enter the heart of the labyrinth to claim our prize – the cauldron of wisdom, insight, grounding, and renewal.

But then the call comes. Soft at first, but enchanting. It awakens us from our inertia, from our sleep, from our stillness and immobility, and it reminds us of the world of light and movement. In our darkness we take the first step with heavy legs and the slowness of sleep. We take another, feeling our way in the darkness with our hands. And with each step we start to awaken. With each step we start to see the steps more clearly. With each step we hear the call to the light in our heart and our womb, and our passion ignites. Soon we are moving quickly up the steps, up towards the bright entrance of the labyrinth, and we step out into the world. We cry out in joy and spin around, arms stretched out, feet on the green grass, and we see the dome of the clear blue sky above us. In front of us we notice many small paths leading away from the labyrinth, but we hear the call towards one white stone path. With joy and anticipation, we move forwards.

This journey out of the darkness into the light and the move forwards is the path ahead for the Womb Blessing community. We can leave our past emotions, energies, and feelings behind in the darkness of the labyrinth as we are called to walk a new path in the world, a new expression of who we are, one freed from our old burdens.

How amazing to know that the future is bright, that we are called towards it and guided each step of the way. How amazing to know that we have new things waiting for us – new things to do, to create, to achieve, and to experience. We have been in the darkness, and now it is time to start moving!

I am so grateful for this uplifting message. At a time when the past has been dark and the present is challenging, knowing that light and energy is coming gives us purpose and direction and the energy to take that first slow step. I look forward to what is to come, how it will take shape and the wonderful experiences and beautiful blessings it will bring.

Now I must go for my walk in the sunshine before the next storm arrives!

Love and hugs and enjoy the journey,

Miranda xx

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This post is also available in: en hr fr it de pt-br pt-pt es