24.00 Worldwide Womb Blessing 28th December 2012

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The last Womb Blessing of the year and although there is a storm outside everywhere is bathed in Moonlight!

All the midnight Blessings have started with the skies overcast (and it raining) but by the end of the Blessing everywhere has been bathed in light. With the wet weather we’ve had in the UK this year, this is a miracle 🙂

The Womb Blessings this year have brought each of us individual healing and transformation. Nurture that change as you step into the New Year and into the energies of the Year of the Mother.

May the Moon bless you with her gentle light, may her peace lie in your heart, and may you take her love and kindness out into the world. Wherever there are women, there is the Moon Goddess.

Be the Moon on Earth.

Love and hugs