24.00 (UK) 2nd August Womb Blessing

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As I type this I can see the Full Moon high in the sky through my window. For every Womb Blessing this year the weather has cleared and the Moonlight has filled the Blessing room.

It is late for me but  I just wanted to reach out to my sisters across the Atlantic and around the world who have joined me at this time. The Womb Blessing energy for this time was beautiful and serene with the love of the Mother enveloping us all. Under the Full Moon we are all one family. We are linked to the women of the past who  gazed at the Moon and to all the women of the Earth who see the same Moon in the sky wherever they are. In the Blessing we reach out and hold hands creating one circle of women, and from our hearts and hands love and healing flows from one to another. Our Mother the Earth holds and supports us, our Mother the Moon connects us.

We are filled with magic, love, and grace.

Take this energy out into your everyday life. Express it, enjoy it, and dance with it, according to your menstrual phase or the phase of the Moon.

With love and heartfelt thanks for joining me and making the Blessing happen,