24.00 GMT Womb Blessing 7th February

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The last Womb Blessing attunement after a very long day!

The night started overcast but by the time the Blessing was over, silver Moonlight was streaming in through the windows. The Moon looked beautiful between the planets and softened by silver lit clouds.

Tonight I sleep with the curtains drawn to bathe in Moonlight. Moonlight connects us to our evolution, to the women of the past and to the women of the future. In her and in ourselves we find the Cyclic Goddess – goddess of the Moon, of the Earth, the seasons, the stars, and of life and of women. She is purity and grace, love and fertility, sex and magic, strength and wisdom. She blesses all, not just humankind but all life. She has been with us from the start and she will be there at the end, holding us in her loving embrace.

Sleep well.