18.00 Worldwide Womb Blessing 28th December 2012

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With the darkness, the candles and the Christmas lights, the Blessing room is very magical tonight 🙂

Every Womb Blessing is different and during this Blessing the peace of the Divine Feminine surrounded me and flowed into every woman taking part. I could sense the barriers dropping, the tension relaxing, and the peace and acceptance of the Divine Feminine filling our being.

All is well. All is safe. Let go, She will hold you.

During the ‘Sharing Meditation’ it was very obvious to me that this was the biggest group today and that many of you continued to send energy beyond the suggested 10 – 15 minutes. Thank you, it was beautiful for me to receive as well as give!

May the peace of the Goddess fill your being this night and all nights,

love and hugs


Ps Thank you also to my husband Richard for a wonderful supper afterwards – Moon Mothers remember to eat, drink and rest!! LOL