18.00 (UK) 2nd August Womb Blessing

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Every Womb Blessing is slightly different and for this one we had the most women joining. The energy felt very high and Light, again the love vibration was strong. Each stage of the Womb Blessing has a slightly different vibration and it is a joy for me to watch how these energies change and flow with each Blessing.

The Blessing this time showed me that there is a need for us to not only to restore our own femininity back to its true sacredness but we also need to return the image of femininity in the Group Conscious back to sacredness. We need to release the past hurt and pain, and allow a new concept of being female to take root in consciousness. In this Womb Blessing I touched the edges of this healing and I will create a meditation to help free the pattern of the feminine from the past for all of us to use at the next Womb Blessing in October .

At the end of doing this Womb Blessing I was ready to sleep, but a big omelette really helped restore my energies 🙂 Don’t forget to eat and drink after the Blessing. We need water to wash out any toxins released. And we need food to give our bodies the energy  to integrate the Blessing and the changes it has made.

As twilight falls I am looking forward to doing the Womb Blessing in candlelight. I hope that the sky clears and the Ful Moon bathes us in light.

I welcome everyone joining me from across the Atlantic and also anyone from this side who is staying up late. It’s nice to have you with us 🙂

Love Miranda