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13th Worldwide Womb Blessing – join us on August 10th!

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Welcome, women of the Worldwide Womb Blessing!

Image courtesy of Christina Smith


Awakening and healing our femininity and energies.

Continue to awaken your femininity and release more of the beautiful, empowering aspects of your female energies in the 13th free Worldwide Womb Blessing on 10th August 2014.



Welcome sister!

The next Worldwide Womb Blessing will be held at four times during the day of August 10th. The soft glittering energy of the Full Moon and the golden energy of Mother Earth will be with us as we connect through the Womb Blessing energy in a planet-wide circle of women.

On August the 10th, join us to receive the beautiful energy of the Divine Feminine channelled by Miranda Gray and the Moon Mothers, and share it with all the women of the world.

The Womb Blessing takes about half an hour. You do not have to be online to participate – at your chosen time, simply find a quiet space and join the meditation. You can join alone, or you can participate by sharing the invitation with your friends, or you can take part in an organized circle of women.

Forward this email to invite other women to join you.

> Sign up now! It is free because is an act of love for ourselves and for all the women in the world.

The additional meditations for August’s Womb Blessing are:

For the northern hemisphere: The Abundance Meditation
For the southern hemisphere: The Womb Renewal Meditation

The additional meditations are available on the Womb Blessing ‘download page’. You will receive the link to this page on registration‏.

We are now more than 70,000 women in the Worldwide Womb Blessing family, and we have all responded to a deep desire to connect with each other to celebrate our Feminine Essence.

The awakening of the authentic femininity that we carry within us brings a new energy, making it easier for us to deal with the busy schedule of our lives in a world that is increasingly restless and stressful. This energy enables us to listen more to our body and to our female nature, and to find the gentleness and beauty within us. The connection with the Divine Feminine that the Blessing brings makes us more accepting and confident, and freer in expressing our personality. We feel loved, strong, sensual, tender and beautiful.



A Message from Miranda:

“I cannot believe that this is the 13th Worldwide Womb Blessing, and as this is the number sacred to the Moon I know that it will be a special event.

As I write there is a beautiful Full Moon in the sky and I connect to all the Moon Mothers who keep the Blessing energy flowing around the world between Womb Blessing days through the ‘Moon Mother World Blessing’. When you see each Full Moon, know that you are never alone, that the Moon Mothers are with you encircling the Earth. Open to their love, beauty and support for you and for all women around the world.”

This Worldwide Womb Blessing is the second event where, for the northern hemisphere, we have the additional meditation of giving birth to our natural abundance (‘Abundance Meditation’). For the southern hemisphere we have the meditation to renew our female energies as we start to emerge from winter (‘Womb Renewal Meditation’).

I hope that you will join us in this special Worldwide Womb Blessing and continue to find it a sanctuary of peace, love and femininity in the stressful and busy modern world. Know that when modern life and stress disconnects you from your female energies you can reconnect through personal Womb Blessings from Moon Mothers and through the Worldwide Womb Blessing and return once again to the beauty, love and peace that is you!

Love and hugs

Miranda x

> Register now for the August Blessing and download the August meditation


The Enchantress years 2014, 2018 and 2022

The Enchantress years 2014, 2018 and 2022There are four key female archetypal energies – the Maiden, the Mother, the Enchantress and the Crone – and since the Womb Blessing first started in 2012 they have been manifesting each year in the lives of all the women who have received the Womb Blessing energy.

The ‘Enchantress’ archetype is one of challenges and change. She cuts away the old and outworn so that we have freedom and space to birth into a new form. And if we don’t willingly do this for ourselves, the Enchantress then steps in and does it for us!

> Find out how to live in harmony through these changes!

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Who are Moon Mothers?

Moon Mothers are women who are personally trained by Miranda Gray. They are women of all ages, from different backgrounds and countries.

Moon Mothers offer two very powerful energy therapies to women: the personal Womb Blessing that awakens within us the disconnected aspects of the Divine Feminine, and the Womb Support Healing therapy which restores our depleted archetypal energies, harmonising all aspects of our femininity and supporting those aspects awakened in the Blessing.

Who are Moon Mothers?Moon Mothers also join Miranda in sending the energy of the Divine Feminine during the Worldwide Womb Blessing, and they keep this energy encompassing the Earth between Womb Blessing days.

Moon Mothers also play an important role in sharing information related to Miranda’s teachings, and they accompany women in rites of passage and in their spiritual and personal journeys.
For information on the Womb Blessing and where to find a group, ask a Moon Mother; she will be honoured to guide you through the Womb Blessing awakening of the feminine in you.

For information on the Womb Blessing and where to find a group, ask a Moon Mother; she will be honoured to guide you through the Womb Blessing awakening of the feminine in you.

> List of Moon Mothers by country

Illustration: ©2014 Christina Smith –

Meet the women behind the Womb Blessing

Isabella MagdaleneI have asked Isabella Magdala, Womb Blessing Country Administrator for Spain to introduce herself and to share a little about the Moon Mothers and Womb Blessing groups in Spain:

Greetings to the Womb Blessing Community!

It’s wonderful for me to be a Moon Mother and also be Administrator for Spain. It’s truly a gift that changed my life, and now I’m constantly in contact with my growth as a woman. It’s also an honour for me to be able to help my companions to expand the Divine Feminine’s energy that, day by day and thanks to our growing awareness, we all are creating.

In Spain we are growing very quickly and cooperatively. More Moon Mother Representatives are springing up; my dream is to have one or more Moon Mothers in each country or city :). All of us need this. We have created an official page on Facebook so that all the Moon Mothers that wish to do so can share their events and their experiences.

I would be very happy to help you with whatever you need. You can find me by mailing to or at

Blessings and thank for being part of all this.

Facebook official page: Bendición de Útero & Miranda Gray – España


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