12.00 Womb Blessing

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People have been asking me what I feel during the Womb Blessing and what I do between Blessings.

It’s quite difficult for me to remember after a Womb Blessing what I experienced as I tend to be a bit ‘spacey’ when transferring the energy! The Blessing always comes with strong feelings of love and connection to everyone taking part. At the end of the Blessing, during the sharing, I felt the amazing number of threads of energy crossing the world reaching out from the heart and hands of each woman taking part and connecting to each other. The world was covered in shimmering energy, so dense in some places that the energy hid the land from view.

Usually when giving the Blessing and taking part in the sharing meditation, I concentrate so much on giving that I forget to receive. This time I remembered and the energy flowing through the web across the world was beautiful – thank you so much for this gift of energy :o)

As to what I do after the Womb Blessing session (which is about 2 hours for me), I tend to sleep or rest for about half an hour and then I eat and drink. I also a lot drink of water between blessings. I take things easy until it is time to start the preparations for the next Blessing. Sadly with the weather being unseasonably cold, I can’t sit in the garden but I can curl up with my cat instead.

Love Miranda x