12.00 GMT Womb Blessing 7th February

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As day dawned the weather was misty and grey, and very calm and still. But at the moment the Womb Blessing started at 12.00 the clouds started to break and sunshine poured into the room. By the end of the Blessing the sky was clear of clouds and a bright winter blue!

This Womb Blessing had the second largest number of women involved and it was lovely to feel personally connected to so many women. The heart energy in the room was amazing and we were all contained in its loving embrace as it flowed through us down into the Land and out into the World.

Take time today and over the next few days to nurture yourself. If you feel tired, emotional, odd aches and pains, or cold-like symptoms, this can be due to the Blessing energy clearing old patterns and triggering a detox.  This is all good, and a sign that the energy is working well! Drink lots of water. Not everyone will experience this.

How did you feel during and after the Blessing?

Did you feel energy, physical sensations, or see colours or images? Or did you simply feel peaceful and at one with everything. Please do share your experiences.