12.00 2nd August Womb Blessing

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Finally the sun came out for the second Womb Blessing!

The Womb Blessing brought me  feelings of love and intense joy and I spent the whole session with a big smile on my face! It was a beautiful experience and deeply moving.

In the sharing meditation after the Blessing the serenity, love and compassion of the Moon and the love and nurturing energy of the Mother  embraced the Earth. We anchor these energies in the world with every Womb Blessing and it is not surprising that so many women are responding to the call the Womb Blessing! Each one of us taking part in the Womb Blessing is anchoring these energies for the Earth and her children. Every one of us is a midwife to birth these energies and the hope for the new and different future they bring.

Use the Womb Blessing meditation and the self-healing exercise in your daily life. Don’t let connecting with your womb just be once every 3 months at the Womb Blessing. The more we work with the energy, the more we come to know what it truly means to be female and then we become free, empowered, confident, creative, sexy and spiritual women!

Dance your cycles. Share your stories. Create the life you desire!

From our hearts to our hands we will birth the feminine 🙂

Love Miranda