06.00 Womb Blessing

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The Womb Blessing started just after dawn in the UK but the sky was overcast with grey clouds. However this meant that the candles looked beautiful :o)

It was such a difference to February when the first Blessing was carried out in the dark and cold. This Blessing was also around the time of the Super Moon which is the biggest and brightest Full Moon this year.

The Womb Blessing was beautiful, full of loving connection to all the women taking part. It is such an honour for me to do the Blessing, I feel so connected to everyone and my heart is overflowing with love. Each Blessing this year will bring additional energy for specific aspects of our femininity and for this Womb Blessing it was for healing our patterns about love and giving and awakening our natural ability to be loving and caring, generous, accepting and abundant.

The other difference from February is that I added an extra Blessing for the new Moon Mothers to help support them on their path of offering Womb Blessings to women. I will be doing this at the end of each Womb Blessing today.

The Blessing and the meditation that opens us to its energy are gifts to be shared. Please share your experiences below and on Facebook. Let’s encourage the women who are hurting, who don’t understand their femininity, who feel alone, who feel the Divine Feminine calls to them and don’t know what to do, to join the Womb Blessing and receive its healing gift through sharing our experiences.

I feel so honoured, humbled and in awe of the Womb Blessing and the number of women taking part. My part in all this is very small, simply a point on a web that spans the world. By receiving the Blessing today and sharing it in the meditations you are making a change to so many women, bringing them healing, love, validation and strength. Thank you for giving this gift to so many women.

Love Miranda

Oh don’t forget to rest if you feel tired today after the Blessing, to drink more to wash out any toxins from a detox and eat to give your body the energy it needs to integrate the Blessing’s healing effects.