06.00 GMT Womb Blessing 7th February

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The morning started at 4 am in the cold and darkness of a UK winter. Here on the edge of the forest we have been snow free unlike most of the UK.

The Blessing room was beautifully lit with scented candles and decorated with flowers. It was filled with love and light, and the presence of the Divine Feminine as the Blessing began at 6 am.

What an amazing and humbling experience to be in touch with so many women though the Love and Blessing of the Goddess. It is so difficult to put into words how it felt, except it was a wonderful experience.

At the end of the Blessing as the energy grounded into the Earth I could see the roots of our wombs growing deep into the ground, connecting with the Land, with Nature, with our ancestry and with each other. We may appear to be individual but beneath the surface we are all connected through the roots of our wombs.

Be gentle with yourself for the rest of the day and know yourself to be held in the arms of the Goddess.

Love and blessings, Miranda