06.00 and 12.00 Worldwide Womb Blessing 28th December 2012

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This morning’s Worldwide Womb Blessings have been so beautiful. Please do share your experiences 🙂The Womb Tree

For me both Womb Blessings were so loving, gentle and deep. I felt a connection of love to everyone taking part and the gentleness of the Divine Feminine flowed through all of us. Over the past year the structure of the Worldwide Womb Blessing has changed very little but it now ends with a hug for everyone taking part. We are all family, we are all connected through the love of the Divine Feminine and each one of us is wrapped in her loving embrace.

Whatever 2013 has for us individually the energy of the Divine Feminine will grow, and she will nurture the changes in us and in the world. 2012 was full of the Maiden Goddess archetype energy, the energy of beginnings and the first steps on a new path. 2013 will be full of the Mother Goddess archetype energy, the energy of loving validation, inclusion, natural growth and the freedom to blossom.

There is so much gentleness being given to the world at a time when it really needs it.

May gentleness and loving kindness awaken both in your heart and mind.

Love and hugs