06.00 2nd August Womb Blessing

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What a beautiful way to start Womb Blessing day. As the sun rose the clouds became golden and peach in colour and I could see blue sky through the gaps in the clouds. It is hard to remember how cold and dark it was for the first Blessing in February!

The energy this morning was amazing – but ‘wow’ when the Moon Mothers joined in! There was so much love it took my breath away. Thank you ladies so much for getting up early and joining me, it was such a beautiful experience and we bathed the world in the love of the Mother.

My preparations for the next Blessing are about to begin and I am already surrounded by loving energy. It is time to welcome the energies of the Mother back into the world, to embrace her caring and creative energies and express them in everyday life. We do not need to do things in the same way that they have always been done. We now have the opportunity to do things differently, to do them in a uniquely female way and to bring the love of the Mother energies into all we do. In the other Blessings we have brought the gifts of purity and love into the world, and now we apply them in creating abundance for everyone. We become mothers for the world, embracing everyone, caring for them and nurturing them so they can step out into their lives in confidence, wholeness and in the knowledge that they are loved.

Do something loving today and express the energies of the Womb Blessing into your life, relationships and work.

Love Miranda x